Charger with Synergy Control

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Charger with Synergy Control

Postby Albatross Mark » December 22nd, 2011, 8:00 am

Yabba Dabba Doo! My 15m Charger flies GOOD NOW!!!! Flies Fast , turns fast and does what i tell it without looking like Synergy!! Thanks Tungsten and everyone's Input...... It Took all these ingredients to tame the Beast 1. Strong solid fiberglass one piece .5 inch Spars 2.No Pulleys or Bridal like a Venom etc. 3. Hand Clap Mod of 2 inches(5 cm) on each side did in 3 steps each time gettin better...Now fine... see what happens on stronger gustier conditions for final test ...
Albatross is a huge seabird that soars the waves and winds of the high seas mostly in the roarimg 40's. Albatross Mark tries to mimmic this bird using the following kites: 8m Vortex,10m Venom,8m P3 FS,10m North Rebel ,10,12,15, 19m Psycho 4 FlySurfer
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