Shoulder Mods with Zip Ties......

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Shoulder Mods with Zip Ties......

Postby Tim Grossnickle » December 28th, 2011, 10:25 pm

Along with many others on this forum can attest to the value of Tungsten's shoulder mod that mitigates the tendency of Ch 15 to taco. Have now used it on both Ch 15 and new Ch 19 from Traig. Love both kites and am finding the Ch 19 much more stable than the Ch 15. Think that as mentioned here I might have done without the strap mod on the Ch 19. However, having done the mod, am very happy with the speed of the Ch 19 much faster than Syn 19 and am going to leave it in the kite.

Did the mods to both kites shortening the shoulder straps by wrapping the middle strap around a round piece of wood to T's length reduction specifications and holding the strap in place with two electrical zip ties. After cutting off the plastic excess of the zip tie I smooth the sharp edges with a solder gun and then wrap them with electrical tape. These last steps prevent the sharp edges of the zip ties from cutting the kite fabric. Although I think I could dispense with the solder gun and just wrap the zip ties with electrical tape.

The obvious advantage of using zip ties rather than sewing in a buckle comes from the savings in time. The zip tie mods on the two Chargers took about 15 minutes for each kite. Additionally you can remove the mod in seconds by simply cutting the zip ties with a sharp knife.

As for the longevity of zip tie mods I thought before writing this post I should check the strap mods made with zip ties on a V-1 13 five or six years ago. Except for some unraveling of the electrical tape covering which I pulled off the zip tie mods look as good as when I made them....

Happy New Year to All. Hope it brings an exciting new P2....

Tim Grossnickle
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