Transition from SYN15 to CH 15

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Transition from SYN15 to CH 15

Postby Mikey » June 5th, 2012, 2:37 pm

In short, after 20 minutes I was loving it! A very natural progression in my opinion.

I am not the hottest rider but i have been out there for 10 yrs now (already WOW) and was feeling the need for more responsiveness that the syn would give. I was a bit worried about the transition. I hooked it up to my zero 7 bar ( on the first knot at the back (non kook proof connectors - oops and to compensate on the top knot at the front) and made the classic launch.

Note:- No Y line.

It went up exactly as the SYN. I held the bar in as it finally filled allowing it to move finally to Zenith. From there I was like a kid in a candy store. I was finally able to shove the kite around as i turned on the little mushy on shore waves available. Excellent power bursts by moving the kite. Much less effort to get it to turn that the Syn and much faster. I maybe got caught out 3 time in 3 hours!

Relaunch ok, clammed quickly, puled the bottom tip toward me a bit and gave the fronts some tugs. need a extra tug to get it to open up once off the water, Then plenty of back line tension to ensure it stayed stable while re-pressurising. No worries there!

A number of times I felt the need to loop, but have always been scared to do so. in the 3rd hour I sort of not noticing half pretending not to, just did it :o (down loop in transition, anyway). How easy ! From then on I felt far more confident to pop them in there more often. Sometimes a loop was needed to keep the kite speed up to get it into the new position to complete the transition but I didn't do it and fell off the back of the swell with no power. I need lots more practice!

Unassisted landing as usual. All in all, I'm very happy! :P


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