Light Wind Arc Design

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Light Wind Arc Design

Postby Snake » December 26th, 2012, 11:46 pm

After some testing for my school project kite, I have concluded that measureing the pull and L/D of the kite is extremely difficult. Traction kites are very unstable and don't like to stay still. Over a 30 second period I had the pull differ by 15-20 pounds. A small bridle adjustment made the kite almost unflyable. Since I don't know much about non-traction kites and how they will preform and react to changes I have decided to pick a new project for the science fair.

So now I have tons of fabric to make a kite and nothing to make. After seeing all the kites on and finding this: ... sk-nr.html , I became inspired to make a semi-single skin arc. Semi-single skin because the leading edge will have cells to add rigidity and prevent leading edge collapse. Webbing will be running through channels sewn to the skin to take the load off the skin and create a more efficient profile.

Here is a crude drawing of my design. The blue line is the skin of the kite, the black rectangles are webbing, and the red would be the opening for air to enter the cells.
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Re: Light Wind Arc Design

Postby herc » January 3rd, 2013, 9:59 am

my suggestion: add nylon wires to hold the leading edge cells open. to make things easy, just take a nylon wire, and connect both ends such that a circle / ring forms. then sew the ring to the leading edge. this will greatly help with inflating the kite.
but i would find it more interesting to have an open leading edge, exactly like it is done with those single skin paragliders (see ozone xxlite or the link you posted for the batlite paraglider).

did you notice this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=720 ? there is already a single skin arc kite. you could try to improve that nasawing-like design (using nylin wires to stiffen the leading edge, using a real airfoil profile for the nose and so on)

i am really looking forward to your results. such lightwind arc would be very interesting.
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Re: Light Wind Arc Design

Postby tungsten » January 3rd, 2013, 10:12 am

Suggestion for measuring the L/D of a flying kite, by the master Peter Lynn sen. himself:
"The tangent of the angle, relative to the horizontal, of the flying line at the kite, is exactly the kite's L/D."

Suggestion for measuring the pull:
put a tension spring balance between CL and harness hook, fly the kite for half a minute filming the balance, and analyze frame by frame (or every 5 frames). The rest is mathematics (min, max, average... whatever you want to know).

Useful link:
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