ahem...2nd strutless kite

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ahem...2nd strutless kite

Postby daves » April 8th, 2013, 9:36 pm

It's amazing to watch how fast a new design and group both catches up with and advances past once leaders of innovative kite design. I think a discussion about the Cloud and Arc would be pretty interesting. How do they represent converging, parallel and diverging designs, markets, applications, etc. for kite sports? Also, how has this new design achieved almost immediate acceptance and interest, when arcs are still questioned at the beach? And, I think it is very interesting that the Cloud is strongest in the light wind range, which was not so with the early arcs, but is now improving with the CH shapes and profiles. Seems like there may be something to that boxy shape and just in general lots more available avenues in profile and shape design.

http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2013/04/t ... map=%5B%5D
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Re: ahem...2nd strutless kite

Postby zerogee » April 8th, 2013, 10:12 pm

Interesting point you bring up. and here is another strutless kite... Naish 2013 mid season catalog. The Trip only in 10m travel/freeride/wave kite.

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Re: ahem...2nd strutless kite

Postby tungsten » April 9th, 2013, 11:42 am

Design is one thing, acceptance in the market is another. And it has got nothing to do with design IMO, it's solely about marketing.

Many designs have been introduced successfully, you can chose from ARC, LEI, bridled foil open & closed cell, and even flat stick framed kites like the C-QUAD, with a bunch of sub species to round it up. Each of the concepts has their weak side and their strong side. Horses for courses goes a long way, and it would be great service to the customer discussing such pros and cons for the particular use and environment.

Though, you won't find that kind of information in the kite co. marketing BS. Look at their websites. They shout "innovation", "new concept", "revolution", "new colors", asf. Nothing a grown up kiter can make any use of.

There's a small number of kite designers leading and innovating the market, some (like Hansen) working for a bunch of brands. Most kite designs are pretty good these days, unlike, say, 2005 or 6 or 7, where there were still a lot of dogs out there.

And then, there's a whole lot of guys copying those designs easily with the CAD software everybody is working with. Far more kite companies (50+) than skilled designers.

Some say, the next gen kites will appear with a new CAD software. We'll see.
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Re: ahem...2nd strutless kite

Postby Timothy Grossnickle » April 12th, 2013, 12:05 pm

Wow!! Tungsten thanks much for sending along info on new cloud kite design which I hope we can follow here. The development of a lightweight grunty kite presents some obvious advantages for riders in low wind areas. Looking forward to hearing and reading more about Cloud type designs. Would also hope to hear more from others on tests of Ch2's. Yesterday enjoyed another very sweet sesh on Ch2 15 in 20 mph winds with gusts to near 30 mph. The kite worked flawlessly fast turning with lots of low end grunt and pop. Have IMHO found the Ch2 10 and 15 the best all around twinskin water kites since the V's. Would love to hear what others think about the Ch2's....

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