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15m Doesn't flag out when dropped to leash, need a fix?

PostPosted: February 19th, 2015, 2:04 am
by mathomm
I recently purchased a 15m and 12 m Charger 2 with a new medium navigator bar as recommended. However when I flag out the 15m kite at the end of the session, the 5 line is not long enough to flag it out because 100% of the time gets stuck at the knot when pulling through the bar, due to one or multiple twists in the 5th line. Before starting I have taken off the 5th line and untwisted it, but as soon as I start doing any rotation tricks, the 5th line is twisted around the attached main line again. This is because the bar can spin due to the swivel but the 5 line doesn't spin because it attaches to my safety leach attached my harness so it is twisted on each rotation trick. So now I'm scared to release to the 5 line and always try to get some one to catch the kite. Is there a way to stop the twist in the 5 line? so it will flag out correctly, so it will pull through the bar and flag.