peter lynn 12m vortex rtf

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peter lynn 12m vortex rtf

Postby yeloowtang » July 24th, 2010, 2:22 pm

hi all !!
i have this on the old site :)

for sale is a 12m vortex like new with a small repair on the top canopy,verry proffessionaly repaired.
comes complete with a new zero7 50cm bar and a set of like new Qpower lines,the good expensive stuff.
i can also include a PL seat harnest if needed.
asking 550$ canadian (not sure who all will see this) :)

reson for selling is the perchase of my chargers,like mentioned gear is all in like new condition
at a great price.
can reach me at home 819-561-3461
cell 613-715-0391

contact me for pics or offers

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Re: peter lynn 12m vortex rtf

Postby arcsrule » July 29th, 2010, 11:12 am

considering that the Vortex is old technology, i would only give you $200 with bar and lines included and you pay the shipping.
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Re: peter lynn 12m vortex rtf

Postby sparkin_larkin » August 1st, 2010, 10:34 pm

Put it on powerkiteforum it will get more eyes.

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Re: peter lynn 12m vortex rtf

Postby yeloowtang » August 11th, 2010, 8:34 pm

sory i forgot about this post !!!

kite is sold and thanks larkin i didn't get a chance to post it there because it sold
within 12h :) and i wasn't sure i wanted to sell it..was going to keep it to teach my nefew :)

as for the other comment !! i agree about it being an older kite but if you no arcs as i do and
i think you do,then you know that the vortex is not that old tech,they stoped making them not long ago.

the synergies weren't in production that long and they were almost giving them away and the charger hasn't been out 1 year yet..nor the new bar for that matter..i have my chargers and realy pleased with them and had my syns not even a year ,not even sure they were produced more than a year !!!!!!

as for the vortex it's from the last production (i think 2008) but not sure from last of the batch anyways.
it's got all the adjustments other then the vpc system witch wasn't all that great on the scorp or the syn.
vortex is a good low profile kite and still is.

as for my bar even if the new one is out ,mine was brand new at 250$ plus 125$ for the set of lines on it ,Qpower #600 25m set

my price was negotiable to a point and i think the price was fair.

i normaly don't bother replying to comments like this but it's the first time on a forum (and i've sold many kites
on pkf and esle where) that i get a comment that flames someones post for no reason making it look like the kite is worthless :( and not worth considering..

thanks i hope not all members are like this in wich case i will stay where others are more friendly and will at least ask why the price is what it is..

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