How to complete my quiver

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How to complete my quiver

Postby Floundry » April 22nd, 2016, 7:16 pm

Hello ! :D
I recently buy a 15m Charger II and I really like it !
But I want to complete my quiver at the bottom and the top.

Weight : 75/77 kg
Level : Beginner in freestyle but it's my aim ;)
Wind : 6/7 knt to 25/30 in land

There is different options for me :

Bottom :
- 18m Charger II : I think it'll be to close of my 15m.. And I guess it's not the best for light wind
- 15m Flysurfer speed : I guess it will complete the 15m PL perfectly, no ?
- 18m Flysurfer speed : Better for light wind, but I don't know if I'll hold it enough to reach the 15m Charger 2 "jump spot"..

Top :
- Charger 2 12m : I heard many good reviews, but maybe to close from my 15m ?
- Charger 2 10m : Same, but maybe to far from my 15m... !
- Charger 2 8m : Certainly too fast for me..

I'm thinking of :
15m FS / 15m PL / 10 PL

But I know that the 12m PL is a best.. So maybe 15m FS / 15m PL / 12 PL.
But in this case, I don't think I'll hold the 12 in 25/30 knt! So I'll need an other kite but I don't know wich one...

The more economic solution is to sell my 15m and buy a 18/12 PL... But I'll not have the very light winds and strong winds..

So, what do you think ? :lol:
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Re: How to complete my quiver

Postby Floundry » May 16th, 2016, 5:34 pm

Hi !

800+ views and no answers ? :)

What do you think about 18/15/12 CH + 7m Takoon furia LEI ? And selling my 15 if I don't need it anymore..

OR go for a 10m PL : 15(or more) Flysurfer + 15/10 CH ?
I just wonder if the gap between 15 or 10 is not too big.. :|

So come on, I need advices :)
It's for land AND water, so i'm sure i'm not the only one to think about a Peter Lynn charger 2 Quiver.

See you ! :D
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Re: How to complete my quiver

Postby steuu » May 17th, 2016, 2:43 pm

I would say

18m FS / 15m PL / 10 PL

I have the same, lately I'm a bit bored about the FS it's an old speed2 my quiver is pratically just 15 / 10 not too close, not too far... what you should consider is how is your wind in your spot(s) could be better to have a 12...

I also have a V2 8m for the hurricane
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Re: How to complete my quiver

Postby Floundry » May 18th, 2016, 9:12 pm


So the 18 Fs is not too big for land ?

I have a lot of 20/25 kn.. 30kn not very much. And I don't want to go out with more than that for the moment.
I read in a post in the forum that the gap between the 15 and the 10 is too large so that's why I'm wondering if I should buy a 12 instead of the 10. But thank you for your advice.

18FS/ 15PL / 10PL should be nice..
What is your wheight ? And what is your wind range with that quiver ?
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