Charger 3 review

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Charger 3 review

Postby ikke » November 1st, 2017, 7:29 pm

The title makes a bigger claim than I can honour, so i hope others will add..

I have bought a charger 3 10m on line. Straight from the package the biggest complaint so far: the bag....
For all the Arcs I have had the bag was a piece of equipment and received attention. Not only the kite improved, but so did the bag. It was well thought out, the improvement over the different generations clear and functional. Not so for the Charger 3. Someone at PL, most likely at the purchasing department saw an opportunity to increase margin, and who cares about customers. It comes in a shitty bag. All the functionality is gone. Unzip and unfold the bottom gone. Netting gone. Opening to grab small stuff gone. Roll out roll op is not possible any more. Please bring back the old bag!
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Shitty bag..

The kite itself has no surprises for people who know older versions. Batons, zippers, VPC, steering and flight adjusters all are the same. I flew in in 3 Bft .wind, not exactly the recommend wind speed, but I had to try. I flew with adjusters fully loose and the VPC in the center, as I do with the others as well.
Launch was straightforward, more so than with the 12 m Charger 1.9. Tips are noticeably more stable. I did some basic heels in the sand and straight through the power zone kiting. What is there to say. It's a charger. Less hunting in zenith than both the 6.5 m Ch2 and the 12 m Ch1.9. Less stalling in lulls and turns than the CH1.9. Turns were slower. All observations are tentative, comparisons are from memory, not from side by side comparison. I'd love to try, so if anyone has a 10 m older version and lives close enough (Alkmaar, the Netherlands)...
Would I recommend buying the Charger 3? Frankly, if I could buy a Ch2 at the old list price, I would. Ch3 is more expensive than differences warrant. On the other hand, Flysurfer kites are 50% more expensive than Charger. I've never flown them myself, but I think that what I've seen them do a Charger of same projected area can match. Certainly at my limited skill level.
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Re: Charger 3 review

Postby Airxpress » November 2nd, 2017, 6:01 pm

Yep, the bag... but I have flew the 10 (great loops) and 12 so far. The 12 is on cam:
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