Loving the Phantom 1 12m

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Loving the Phantom 1 12m

Postby jeffnyc » June 24th, 2018, 4:17 pm

Wow, this site is really dormant... I hope because everyone's too busy flying arcs! As for me, I've been working non stop for months, so my flying has been few and far between...

Recently I tried a friend's Phantom 9m and immediately fell in love. On landboard (and bug I'd assume as well) it is the smoothest kite I've ever flown (not that I've flown a whole lot, I am pretty new at this!). Build up is gentle, once it gets moving it keeps building speed on apparent wind. I still don't jump or do tricks or anything, I like just moving along and having fun. Too old to be busting bones. Haven't had a chance to ride my Charger in a while, I need to compare the 2 back to back - I remember it being a lot more aggressive. Which will be great now that I have more experience - but I haven't been out in 10m charger conditions in a while.

Anyway, as luck would have it... the next morning a 12m Phantom 1 showed up for sale on PKF, I bought it within 5 minutes of the posting. Turns out it's probably a prototype - it's blue (like the 15s) instead of the mustard, and single center inflate zip. Great for me, I like the blue a lot better :) When I got it, it looked like it had never been flown - the thing is brand freaking new, crispy, not a mark on it except the pigtails had been messed with/replaced with a weird frankenstein knotted up thing. I spent the first day I flew it in light wind launching, landing and playing with pigtails until it flew correctly. When I got home, it matched the Tiscali measurements exactly... pretty good for a noob :D All my messing with the Charger when I had no idea what I was doing taught me a lot. Got some leader line and made up some new ones at the correct size, and now flies like a dream.

Had a great evening session a few days ago on the 12m and Flexboardz Haize in onshore 10-15. Started out really light, but built until I was perfectly powered up. I also had a chance to test my newly modified PL Navigator. Did the Y to V conversion, works a treat and keeps the arc wide open. (thanks HardwaterKiter for the instructions online!) Only a few people on the beach, rode for about 11 miles back and forth before it got too dark. Haize/Phantom combo on the sand for me is the perfect setup, at least for right now. Just got my hands on a couple Speed 3's (thanks Kami!), so we'll see how I feel in a couple months. I reserve the right to constantly mess with my quiver :D

Pigtails finally correct!:
phantom_12m_plumb.jpg (18.69 KiB) Viewed 1954 times
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Re: Loving the Phantom 1 12m

Postby pongnut » June 29th, 2018, 8:02 pm

Thats one sweet lookin piece of ripstop Jeff!
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