zero7 bar Setup

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zero7 bar Setup

Postby MCS » May 6th, 2015, 12:06 pm

I have a Phantom 2 15m with a zero7 bar that I picked up second hand. I've replaced the depower line as it was a bit worn (using an original replacement). I'm also looking to replace the lines as they are a bit tired and one rear line is definitely longer than the other (by a few cms/1 inch or so).

What I'm looking for advice on is the default set-up. The depower line that came off the bar had a lot of excess line on the 'wrong' side of the knot, whereas the replacement is knotted quite near to the end of the line. What I'm trying to do is get my bar to a default set-up so that when I attach my new lines I'm ready to go. I've viewed various things online (including ... up_FAQ.htm) and I can see that LE leaders should be 50mm longer than TE but is that with the power adjusted all the way out or is there some default position?

What confuses me further is some extra line that appears to be attached to my LE line connection. Instead of two lines with a knot on each coming out of the neoprene cover I seem to have an extra bit of depower line type rope which has the knots in. This line has a few knots in which I presume allows some adjustment. Looking under the neoprene sleeve it does look like this should be there as there wouldn't be anywhere else to attach the lines otherwise!

Can link images if that helps
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