Bob's Shoulder Re-construction (BSR) Revisited

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Bob's Shoulder Re-construction (BSR) Revisited

Postby arcprof » September 7th, 2015, 10:12 pm

For those of you that didn't go through the modding activity that was prevalent with the Venom 1 and 2, the BSR was a mod where the 1st and 2nd braids are shortened in the shoulder area. Along with a Trailing Edge Tuck or TET for the V1 it was developed by Bob Dawson who is no longer with us. I was a big fan of this mod and would install it on any venom I got my hands on. Recently, I picked up a V2 19 cheap that had come off second best after a close encounter with a large tree. After a major rebuild with the kite nearly ripped in two, I held off adding the BSR mod as I was wanting to make sure it flew o.k. as close to stock as I was able to get it. Well, it flew fine and after multiple sessions I see no need to add the BSR. I have another V1 19 with BSR and TET and it has stayed in its bag since I got the V2 19
flying. I'm getting on in years and think I find the un-modded kite has less bar pressure with better feedback through the bar yet turns the same with similar low wind performance compared to the modded version.

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